"Concerto Supergrosso"
with The Netherlands Bach Society, Amsterdam

"... recitatives and arias are excellently sung by both singers. In particular, by Caihuela, who graduated last year, but swims, like a fish in water, in the baroque repertoire with her warm, even voice."

Rahul Gandolahage, NRC

February 2020

Festival Música Sacra
with L'Apothéose Ensemble, Bogotá

"Lucía Caihuela moved the audience with her overwhelming expressiveness, both vocal and dramatic, always within the most exquisite of styles. Of her voice, stands out her warm, velvety middle register, as well as the solidity of her low notes."

César Rus, Ópera Actual

September 2019

Festival Internacional Arte Sacro

 with La Pícara Ensemble, Madrid

"Lucía Caihuela, who showed her beautiful timbre, as well as great musicality and understanding of the phrasing that this music requires."

Simón Andueza, Revista Ritmo

March 2019

Festival Internacional Arte Sacro
with L'Apothéose Ensemble, Madrid

"Caihuela shone powerfully in the vigorous arias of Ibeas and Reyonoso, but was also delicate, smooth and elegant in the slower arias, as in Fajer or some of the movements of the "Salve Regina" of Reynoso. His diction was very remarkable, outstanding at times {...} The voice usually accompanies a contained but effective expressiveness, which intelligently emphasizes the passages that require more drama."

Mario Guada, Codalario

March 2019